Projector Lamp Recycling

Free Recycling of Your Used Lamps

The mercury in projector lamps and projector bulbs can be harmful to the environment if they are not disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. At Projector Lamps America we strongly feel disposing projector lamps and projector bulbs according to environmental standards is important, and we have developed a Free Recycling program for our valued customers.

This free projector lamps and projector bulbs recycling program will help reduce the effects on our environment and provide peace of mind to our valued customers.

Send your old or used projector lamps and projector bulbs in their box to be recycled according to environmental standards free of charge to following address:

Projector Lamps America – Projector Lamp/Bulb Recycling Program
555 Riverwalk Parkway
New York, 14150

Questions about our environmental policy? Call us at 1-800-952-1462.

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